Alright everyone, I just marked down my clearance items even more so be sure to check that out!  I am running a special Christmas clippie sale right now, pick any two for $3!!!  Remember to buy soon so you can receive them by Christmas.
So I was out with the crazies this morning at 4:30 AM and I got what I went out for, a sewing machine!!!  Which means there are so many new things I can do now.  I can't wait to start posting new items for everyone!  So many exciting things to come :o)
The site is in complete overhaul mode right now, so sorry for the mess!  I am adding and revamping so many things on the site to make it easier for you and for me.  I also have so many new items I am adding.

A new feature I just installed is my Featured Items page.  Every month I will updated what I am featuring and the items listed on that page are all on SALE!!!  :o)  Right now it is my Christmas inventory.

One other new feature you might notice is the clearance page.  I have some items that I need to get moving so check out that page as well for some great deals!

Please check back often now as I will be updating and adding items and features.  Plus if you check my blog often I'll be running specials for my readers.

    Sarah Hyde

    Welcome to Matilda's Bowtique!   I have named this little business after my daughter since she is the one that inspired me to start creating.  I am a single mother of a beautiful 7 month old daughter and  I work full time to try and make ends meet I was considering taking a part time job also, but I don't get enough time with my daughter as it is so I started making bows.  So now I get to spend all my free time making bows and spending time with my baby.  I couldn't ask for more!


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